Feb 12th Feb 12 - Groups Fixed

Groups in DG used to suck badly, so I just finished a round of fixups and added groups maintenance code to my grid manager software. If you were having problems posting notices to groups, trying to change roles, add/delete members to roles, etc. All that has been fixed. No more need to relog, no need to do the region hop dance.Group invitations ... Read More »

Feb 2nd Feb 3 - Grid Maintenance Completed

Grid Maintenance CompletedAll regions are running. Go to the MeWe forums for details---Sunday Feb 3rd 2300 to Feb 4th 0200 (Pacific)It's the beginning of the month and we have a number of security updates to apply to the servers. The entire grid will be shut down starting at 11PM to apply updates, optimize the databases, and add some new features ... Read More »