May 24th May 24 - Gloebit Transaction Failures are Chronic

This grid and other grids have been experiencing problems with Gloebit transactions. This started on May 7th and the problems have not resolved to date. My analysis shows the problems are originating at the Gloebit company transaction services. I am seeing some serious error status returned from them, notably 504 Gateway Timeout and 500 Internal ... Read More »

May 8th May 12 UPDATE- Gloebit Transactions are workng again

May 12 - UPDATEEveryone, Gloebit transactions were not working at all or reliably since May 7th. They appear to be OK today. This is the message sent from the Gloebit company:Hello,We had some major network issues.  I believe we've resolved them and the queued transactions are processing now.  Apologies for the inconvenience.  Please let me ... Read More »