Feb 23rd RS10 Server Maintenance Feb 27th

I received a notice from the server hosting company that they have to take server RS10  down for hardware maintenance. On RS10: OVH will intervene on this equipment on 27/Feb/20 11:00 AM - 27/Feb/20 1:30 PM. For safety, I will stop all regions on that server and take a backup Thursday Feb 27th 10AM. If their mainteance completes without ... Read More »

Jan 29th January 29 - DC$ Money Service is ONLINE

14:21 Grid Time - UPDATE DC$ transactions are working again. It was not the fault of PODEX and not even the fault of the DC$ money service. It was a critical system update that reverted some important settings. All fixed, and sorry for the long delay. Note: all DC$ balances are OK. You may need to hop to another region (and back) to get your ... Read More »