Dec 7th December 7 - COMPLETED - RS4 regions moved to new RS11 server

UPDATE 12:10AM Dec 8All regions moved successfully to RS11 SSD.  RS4 has been retiredMore Winter Solstice upgrades  - Late tonight (10PMish grid time) I will move all the regions presently on rs4 to the new rs11 SSD server, and rs4 will be retired. After the move, the server asset caches will be empty so region startup or asset rezzing times ... Read More »

Dec 7th December 7 - Regions on RS2 moved to new rs10 Server

Happy Holidays and Winter Solstice renewal! As the DG older servers come due, I have been replacing them with faster servers. Server rs2 has been retired and all of the regions on it were moved to a new faster SSD server, rs10. All regions are running. As part of the move, the server asset cache starts empty, so it will take a day for the cache to ... Read More »