How to Fix Blurry Textures

Fixing Blurry Textures

If you find that the textures you see when you visit regions remain blurry for minutes or longer, it is likely that you have your network bandwidth set too high. This causes the region simulator to drown your network connection and cause lost packets. Here's a quick fix which works in most cases:

  1. In your viewer, go to preferences (ctrl-p), click on the network tab;
  2. Is your ISP Comcast with Xfinity service? If yes, set the bandwidth to 3000 (or whatever is the highest value for your viewer);
  3. Is your ISP Comcast witjout Xfinifty srvice? If yes, set the bandwidth to 1500;
  4. Is your service AT&T, Verizon DSL2 or Frontier DSL2: If yes, set your bandwidth to 1500;
  5. Is your service AT&T, Verizon or Frontier DSL1? If yes, set your bandwidth to 1000;
  6. If it is something else, set your bandwidth to 1000. See how that works. Try a little higher, like 1200, test again.

Remember this works for most cases. If you still have problems, open a ticket to get help. Now it is possible your siutation is unique and that the support people can't help. Sometimes, rarely, there may be some physical problem with yout network connection or perhaps something is slowing down your computer, but that the subject of another article.
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