20th Aug 2019
August 8 - Grid Online - Upgrades completed

UPDATE: The grid is online. Robust grid services, all regions on rs0, rs7, and rs8 are running with the latest Nani19July2019 release. This release speeds up assets access, significantly speeds up the terrain draw, and it renders avatars much faster than ever. We'll let this bake for a day or two before applying it to the rest of the regions.The ... Read More »

7th Aug 2019
July 31 - Restarted region servers rs1, rs4

Region servers rs1 and rs4 were restarted early this morning (Pacific time) to add more resources to fix the region crashing problems on those servers.

31st Jul 2019
July 21 - France region Server Preparations

I am provisioning the new region server located in France near the Belgium border. If you own a region and you live in the UK, the Eurozone countries, or Australia, I will move your region to that server if you ask. Please file a support ticket (please, no direct IMs to me) and ask to have your region moved to the France server. Ping times from ... Read More »

21st Jul 2019
July 20 - Selective Region Upgrades

Update July 22 - servers rs3,rs4,rs5, rs6 and rs9-FR have received system upgrades.Region servers rs0,rs7, and rs8 have received system upgrades. Regions on those servers are now runnning version Nani22May2019 and the latest mono 6 run-time. This selective upgrade will run for a few days before the entire grid gets upgraded. RS0 Discovery ... Read More »

20th Jul 2019
July 18 - Grid Maintenance Completed

FYI - Early this morning (Pacific time) soft rolling restarts were performance by the grid management software to apply security updates to the grid servers and upgrades to the OpenSim software. Regions with no avatars present were restarted immediately. Regions with avatars presents were restarted once the regions emptied. One region needed ... Read More »

18th Jul 2019
June 13 - Grid maintenance, all servers - COMPLETED

UPDATE: as of 1AM, All regions are onlineSeveral security updates are pending which require all servers get rebooted to apply them. Starting at 9:30PM Pacific time, the grid will be soft shutdown, servers will be rebooted to apply the updates. As this includes shutting down the grid Robust servers, the entire grid will be shutdown to complete the ... Read More »

13th Jun 2019
June 10 - All server upgrade to latest OpenSim release

All of the region servers are being upgraded to the latest 22May LaNani OpenSim release. The upgrade is a soft rolling restart. Regions with no avatars present are upgraded immediate. Region upgrades are deferred on regions with avatars present to avoid disruption.The changes from the 9May to 22May release are:– Version 22 May 2019: introducing: ... Read More »

10th Jun 2019
June 7 - Security Updates Applied

All of the servers required several critical level security updates to be applied today. Servers rs4, rs5, and rs6 required a reboot to fully apply them. Affected regions were shutdown first then restarted once the servers rebooted.

7th Jun 2019
June 2 - Blocked Emails *** IMPORTANT TASK ***

If your avatar account email address is live, outlook, hotmail, or msn .com/.co.uk/.com.au, you need to change it to some other mail provider immediately (we recommend gmail.com). Until you do that you will soon not be able to go inworld. Login to the DG WEB site using your avatar credentials at https://discoverygrid.net. Click on the {Account ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2019