December 7 - COMPLETED - RS4 regions moved to new RS11 server

UPDATE 12:10AM Dec 8All regions moved successfully to RS11 SSD.  RS4 has been retiredMore Winter Solstice upgrades  - Late tonight (10PMish grid time) I will move all the regions presently on rs4 to the new rs11 SSD server, and rs4 will be retired. After the move, the server asset caches will be empty so region startup or asset rezzing times ... Read More »

7th Dec 2019
December 7 - Regions on RS2 moved to new rs10 Server

Happy Holidays and Winter Solstice renewal! As the DG older servers come due, I have been replacing them with faster servers. Server rs2 has been retired and all of the regions on it were moved to a new faster SSD server, rs10. All regions are running. As part of the move, the server asset cache starts empty, so it will take a day for the cache to ... Read More »

7th Dec 2019
Deccember 5 11:30PM - Servers RS8 & RS9 online

Both servers RS8 and RS9 are online. All regions in them have been started. The larger prim regions might take longer than usual to complete their initialization becase all of the server asset, mesh, and script caches are empty. When the caches fill up, as the regions fetch their assets, region performance will be at maximum.I do thank you all for ... Read More »

6th Dec 2019
December 4 - Server rs9 now online, rs8 in progress

UPDATE: 2:06PM Dec5Server rs9 is back online, all regions are running all prims restored from backups. RS8 is being scrubbed and provisioned at this time with a new linux OS. Regions up are: Botany Bay Brillig Buzzards Bay Celyddon LooseCannon Pearl Sea Sea Dogs Islands East Test8x8 Vanta Black UPDATE: 2:40AM Dec 5Server rs9 is being ... Read More »

4th Dec 2019
November 23 - COMPLETED: Grid shutdown tonight 10PM- midnight for maintenance

Update: the grid came back online at 1PM, all regions are active.The entire grid needs to be shutdown for grid maintenance tonight to address performance problems caused by a recent system update to all our servers. Until then you will see many money transaction failures, performance might be impacted when many avatars are present in a region, ... Read More »

23rd Nov 2019
November 19 - RS9 Server Repair completed

Server RS9 (Roubaix France) is running again. A system update overwrote some of the settings for MySQL which prevented it from starting. All fixed. Apologies for the delay.

19th Nov 2019
November 19 - Server rs9 is being rebooted to fix a server problem.

Regions affected are:

Botany Bay
Buzzards Bay
Pearl Sea
Sea Dogs Islands East
Vanta Black

19th Nov 2019
November 15 - COMPLETED: Server security updates plus more

Update Nov 16 - Servers rs0, rs2-rs9 were updated and rebooted. Region config changes: SIM frame rates are doubled to 22fps, physics frame rate increased from 55 to 88fps. Script timer minimum lowered to 0.1s. Code patch to Sept 12 NaniSim: Maximum particle size raised from 4m to 7.99m (the viewer maximum). Three regions were moved to the EU ... Read More »

15th Nov 2019
November 11 - OpenSim upgrade cancelled

FYI - Today I tried upgrading to the latest Nani, Nov 2nd. The results were bad, prims not rendering (invisible). I also tried the 28Oct release and saw the same results. None of your regions were affected by this since testing new OpenSim releases always begins on select DG sponsored regions. All the admins and I perform thorough testing of new ... Read More »

11th Nov 2019
Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and DMCA Notice Updated

The Discovery Grid Terms of Service have been updated. Please read them at as there are important billing changes. To agree to them login to the DG WEB site using your avatar credentials. You will see an agree button on the home page. Click on the button to record your agreement. Otherwise you will be reminded ... Read More »

4th Nov 2019