26th Jul 2020
July 25 - Groups Restored

UPDATE: 6:15AM  - all groups, memberships, roles, etc were restored successfully.

I am presently restoring all groups and groups related data from the midnight backups. This may take a couple of hours to complete. Please do not attempt to recreate your missing groups.

25th Jul 2020
July 8 - Grid Maintenance Completed

UPDATE 1:00PM - all regions are online, maintainace completed in 59 minutes:)A rash of security updates have been piling up for a week, and so It is time for the servers to have their mandatory updates applied. This requires rebooting them and since the main grid service also has to be restarted, the entire grid will have to go down briefly. Total ... Read More »

8th Jul 2020
July 4th - Thunder Over Discovery - Noon-2PM and 6PM-8PM

On July 4th, join us to celebrate Discovery Grid's 4th birthday party. Head over to region "Discovery Events 2" to witness Thunder over Discovery, a Blue Angels air show, brand new custom pyromusical event by PyroVR, and spinning the jams at Club Thunder with DJ Mark and DJ Rosa. Read more about it in the Spotlight article:Reduce Lag - Arrive ... Read More »

30th Jun 2020
July 21 - UPDATE - Grid is up, maintenance completed

UPDATE 11:05 PM - The grid is back up. It took  a few minutes more than an hour, a record.July 21 - Orderly Grid Shutdown Tonight 10PM - 12AM for MaintenanceIt's time for the servers to have their mandatory security updates applied. This requires rebooting them and since the main grid service also has to be restarted, the entire grid will have to ... Read More »

21st Jun 2020
June 15 - Improvements with World Map Updates

The world map tiles used to be updated every four hours for all regions in the grid. Stale map tiles are removed every 24 hours. Though this means the world map remains current as region contents change or as regions are moved, deleted ot created, I have noticed the code that generates the map tiles creates a heavy load on a region when it runs, ... Read More »

15th Jun 2020
June 9 - Grid Online, outage resolved

Today Discovery Grid suffered an all grid outage which occurred approximately 4AM grid time. As of 2:10PM this outage has been resolved, all regions are online. After inspection, no data was lost. What happened is that a resident ran an external bot app/viewer that spoofed one of our server IP addresses. I do not believe it was a malicious act. ... Read More »

9th Jun 2020
June 9 - Grid Outage being Resolved

UPDATE 2:10All regions are onlineUPDATE 1:50PMrs11, rs12 are online. Regions are being restarted.UPDATE 1:23PMSo much for estimates. This is taking a bit longer. I found a couple of hung regions, so I am doing restarts.rs0, rs3-rs10 are online. All regions in those servers have been restarted to deal with any gltiches tht might have occurred. ... Read More »

9th Jun 2020
June 2 - Grid Maintenance Completed

June 2 1:30AMAll regions are up. Maintenance completed.Hune 1 10:00PMIt's time to apply server updates that require restarting them including the grid services server. The entire grid will be shutdown by 10PM on Monday June 1st. All regions will be brought offline. The estimated time is three hours but it could be sooner or later. Look for grid ... Read More »

1st Jun 2020
May 24 - Gloebit Transaction Failures are Chronic

This grid and other grids have been experiencing problems with Gloebit transactions. This started on May 7th and the problems have not resolved to date. My analysis shows the problems are originating at the Gloebit company transaction services. I am seeing some serious error status returned from them, notably 504 Gateway Timeout and 500 Internal ... Read More »

24th May 2020