Oct 21 - TOS Reminder

This is a friendly reminder to review and agree to the TOS before November 1st lest you will end up in the cornfield. All local residents and HyperGrid visitors need to agree to it. If you have not done so yet, you will be sent a grid notice (upper right hand part of your viewer window) whenever you log in, hop in, or TP to a different region. Read More »

21st Oct 2020
Oct 3 - TOS Update Mechanics

I believe I have all the glitches taken care of with respect to the TOS acceptance and notification logic, so as of today, when you do agree it sticks.The Grid Management Automation--------------------------------------Whenever anyone enters a region the automation checks whether the person has agreed to the TOS. This now applies to local avatars ... Read More »

3rd Oct 2020
Sept 29 - New TOS in the Making

There is a new terms of service (TOS) in the making. It will be in force November 1st 2020, so you have until then to decide. There are only a few changes and they have revision bars to help you find them. The previous TOS is available too in case you want to see the actual differences. The changes are clarifications as follows (bold items), and ... Read More »

29th Sep 2020
Sept 23 - How We Do Maintenance in Discovery Grid

How We Do Maintenance in Discovery GridThis is in response to some questions asked by residents about when maintenance activities occur. Two years ago it was possible to do all-grid maintenance when no one was inworld. Today, there is no period of time when the grid is empty (a good thing!), and so I had to adapt to how I perform grid maintenance. ... Read More »

23rd Sep 2020
Sept 10 - Grid is back up 9:15 PM

The grid is back up, a few regions are in the process of starting.

8:15PM - Grid Down at 8:15 back up by 9PM
The grid is exhibiting problems that require a full shutdown and restart. It should be back by 9PM grid time tonight

10th Sep 2020
August 23 - Personal and Grid Status

Thanks to everyone who sent your good wishes IMs and email. I am grateful for those good wishes, can certainly use them. I am safe staying at a friends' home well out of the fire danger area. My house and the mountain neighborhood are now in the danger zone, That was two days ago. We packed essentials and bugged out. Now we wait as another line of ... Read More »

23rd Aug 2020
August 21 - Community Meeting postponed

Hello everyone, I and Kayaker have become evacuees due to the dangers of the various California fires. Becase of these life changing events, I postponed the Discovery Community Meeting to the 29th. The event listing is updated.

21st Aug 2020
July 25 - Groups Restored

UPDATE: 6:15AM  - all groups, memberships, roles, etc were restored successfully.

I am presently restoring all groups and groups related data from the midnight backups. This may take a couple of hours to complete. Please do not attempt to recreate your missing groups.

25th Jul 2020
July 8 - Grid Maintenance Completed

UPDATE 1:00PM - all regions are online, maintainace completed in 59 minutes:)A rash of security updates have been piling up for a week, and so It is time for the servers to have their mandatory updates applied. This requires rebooting them and since the main grid service also has to be restarted, the entire grid will have to go down briefly. Total ... Read More »

8th Jul 2020
July 4th - Thunder Over Discovery - Noon-2PM and 6PM-8PM

On July 4th, join us to celebrate Discovery Grid's 4th birthday party. Head over to region "Discovery Events 2" to witness Thunder over Discovery, a Blue Angels air show, brand new custom pyromusical event by PyroVR, and spinning the jams at Club Thunder with DJ Mark and DJ Rosa. Read more about it in the Spotlight article:Reduce Lag - Arrive ... Read More »

30th Jun 2020