April 16 - Grid Maintenance

Grid Maintenance April 16, 2019, 10:00pm – April 17, 2019, 1:00amApril 17, 2019UPDATE1: 00:20 - Robust instances (1-5) upgraded to Nani10Apr2019 release UPDATE2: 00:30 - RS0 started - testing Welcome, Discovery City. (all regions on RS) online)UPDATE3: 00:50 - RS1, RS2 started.UPDATE4: 01:05 - RS3 startedUPDATE5: 01:20 - RS4 ... Read More »

16th Apr 2019
April 14 - New OpenSim Release Underway

Now that I have had a chance to look at the problems we ran into with scaling issues on 0.9.1.snail, I determined a few fundamental performance problems crept into snail. I am looking forward to the myriad fixes in snail, but that might be a while. So, in the meantime I decided to try out LaNani's version of OpenSim, specifically the 10Aug2019 ... Read More »

14th Apr 2019
April 6 - Community Meeting

Our somewhat quarterly community meeting happens Saturday April 6th from 2PM to 3:30PM Pacific time. Teleport to region "Welcome" then follow the signs to the community oratory. The meeting will be in voice, so get there early. Better yet, prep your viewer's voice now, well before the meeting. As before, the meeting agenda, details and all text ... Read More »

6th Apr 2019
April 3 - Grid Jumpiness (fixed 9PM)

Grid Jumpiness (Fixed) If you are noticing a bit of jumpiness in movement throughout the grid, it is being caused by some network issues with our hosting provider. They are working the problem. It's been a hard day at the grid office. rs5 rebooted, the spotty connections (now fixed) left many regions hung. Server rebooted, and regions are ... Read More »

3rd Apr 2019
March 21 - Grid Maintenance (revert to 0.9.1dev) Completed

** Completed **Grid Maintenance (revert to 0.9.1dev) March 21, 2019, 10:00pm – March 22, 2019, 1:00am  The grid services (aka Robust) will be reverted to the v0.9.1.dev  release to undo the many bugs introduced by  v0.9.1.snail. Will have to wait some months before trying the latest release again. Read More »

21st Mar 2019
March 17 - Grid Upgrade Maintenance completed

The grid was up at 1:15AM though it is taking some regions much longer to start up. Though this latest version is much faster on texture loading and showing much higher resolution on the textures, and though it fixes quite a few bugs, it has introduced some new bugs. On some regions, it is slowing down startup. What took minutes to start has ... Read More »

17th Mar 2019
March 14 - Server rs6 malfunction

Server rs6 suffered a hardware malfunction that required a reboot and repair. The following regions were affected by this hard shutdown and all regions were restarted. Generally no prim losses occur except for objects rezzed less than 10 minutes before this incident happened. The regions affected are as follows, and if your region appears in this ... Read More »

14th Mar 2019
March 12 - v0.9.1.snail selective upgrade

All of the grid service (Robust) instances have been upgraded to OpenSim v0.9.1.snail. This is the latest release of this series which comes with many performance enhancements, bug fixes and introduces new features. In the next few days after preliminary testing, the ocean regions will be upgraded to v0.9.1.snail. Regions Discovery City and ... Read More »

12th Mar 2019
March 10 - Grid Maintenance

13:40 - All region servers are online at this time. If you find problems with your region(s), please file a support ticket. Go to the DG MeWe forum to read about the changes and new features they bring.------------------- 11:45 - The HG TP problems appear to be resolved. All regions on servers rs0,1,2,3,8 are online. servers rs4,5,6,7 are ... Read More »

6th Mar 2019
March 5 - Groups problems fixed

We've had reports of people missing all their groups, and a few reports of inventory missing or not rezzable. If this is happening to your avatar, please relog. That will fix the problem. No groups were lost, no inventory was lost. It was just a brief communications failure between regions and the groups & inventory services.

5th Mar 2019