1st Jan 2021
Dec 30 - Happy New Year

The staff of Discovery Grid wish you a happy new year
Fireworks 2021

30th Dec 2020
Dec 24th - Happy Yuletide, Merry Christmas

The staff of Discovery Grid wish you the best this holiday season.
Crackling Yule Fire

24th Dec 2020
Dec 20 - Gloebit Outage Fixed (Update 3)

Update 3 - Dec 20The gloebit company reports they have fixed the outage. Please test to see if it is working for you. Later today we will revert region Seattle to Gloebits.The Gloebit WEB site and services went offline around 4AM grid time. This is a metaverse outage and no estimate on repair completion. The Gloebit company is aware of the ... Read More »

14th Dec 2020
Dec 14 - Regions Upgraded to Yeti - some anomalies

Good news, all but a few regions have been upgraded to Yeti. May this early Yuletide and Christmas present ro residents and visitors bring you joy. UPDATE 1PM - Along with the niceties and new features, I found, by way of support tickets, a number of anomalies:1. Seeing non-neighboring regions  <== high priority2. Physics is different, ... Read More »

14th Dec 2020
Dec 12 - Grid Maintenance Completed

23:00 All regions are up. Please inspect.22:45 Rebooting all region servers. 22:30 That took  a lot longer than expected. Robust services are now on Yeti. RS13 is now up, Discovery City and several other sponsored regions up - testing...22:10 All robust services shutdown, database optmizations started.21:00 Grid shutdown began at 9PM. All ... Read More »

12th Dec 2020
Dec 7 - The move to Sasquatch via Yeti

Early tests on Yeti (version 0.9.2) are showing reasonable stability. Although DG based bug fixes will be collected into the Sasquatch version, for now I am switching server rs3 to Yeti. This will give me the opportunity to test yeti under a large load. The following regions will be upgraded. These are sponsored regions, so any hits should not ... Read More »

7th Dec 2020
Nov 14 - HGB Survey & Community Meeting

The 11th annual grid survey is underway. Voting closes Nov 14th, so don't delay. Fill out your survey here:


Also mark your calendars for the DG Community Meeting happening Nov 14th 1PM grid time in region "The Annex" We have much to talk about.

8th Nov 2020
Nov 1 - New TOS in Effect

Hello all, the new TOS is in effect. We notified everyone daily for the last month to read and agree to it. If you missed or ignored those reminders and now find yourself in the cornfield region, now is time to agree to it. The changes to the TOS were minor. When you read it you will see revision bars that point out the changes, and the previous ... Read More »

1st Nov 2020
Oct 21 - TOS Reminder

This is a friendly reminder to review and agree to the TOS before November 1st lest you will end up in the cornfield. All local residents and HyperGrid visitors need to agree to it. If you have not done so yet, you will be sent a grid notice (upper right hand part of your viewer window) whenever you log in, hop in, or TP to a different region. Read More »

21st Oct 2020