Discovery Grid is up and running.  Several additional regions remain to be installed ]Primariy Oceans and event areas] and OAR files will be added as well, once the foundation work has been completed.

The new servers are twice the power of the previous servers we had using Zetamex. Server #3, crashed as software was being added by a contract DEV, but our in house DEV is now in the process of cleaning that server and doing a complete reinstall of the software.

So many projects to get Discovery Grid back up and running.  We must aplogize for the delays, but the conversion from Zetamex to our own management of Discovery Grid, obvioulsy has been a challenge, but well worth the effort put forth by the team.

Log into Discovery Grid, check your inventory, and the status of your region[s].  Any major descrepancies please contact staff and if at all possible, we will do our best to correct any issues found.

Thank You for your patience and understanding

Discovery Grid Staff

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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