Gmail accounts

Hi everyone,

If you are having problems receiving your Gmail in your inbox and it's going to your spam/junk mail, please click on the email and say this is not spam. This will eventually fix the problem.

9th Aug 2017
Need your help finding my dragon

Balpien Hammerer was showing his lovely flying dragon ( Ikran ) and the dragon flew off. If you see him somewhere on the grid, could you report his location to Balpien. You are advised not to approach the dragon as he will be getting hungry.

6th Aug 2017
Emails are now working for registration/tickets

After some tweaking in the background the emails are now getting through to the recipient. If you have registered and have been waiting for the validation email, please go back to the support console and resend the email verification again.

6th Aug 2017
Email issue for Discovery Grid Support Site

We had a very successful community with a lot of input from the community.

We discovered there is an issue with some residents who mentioned they were not getting emails from the Support Site. This is a technical issue which is being rectified and should be addressed soon.

5th Aug 2017