How to load terrain onto a region

Placing Terrain

Because the terrain files for large regions are quite large and in different formats, the viewer load terrain method does not work here or in other grids. Please do not try using the viewer method to set terrain for large regions as it will load a damaged terrain.

Instead we are working on a service that will be accessible through the Discovery Grid portal at You will be able to save terrain files, keep up to 20 terrain files in your account and apply them to any region you own at any time.

Because of the high influx of requests, it is taking us longer to set up these services. We understand people want to load terrains ASAP, so we have created an interim process until we bring the self-serve terrain placement service online. The interim process is as follows:

1.      Address an email to with the subject set to your full avatar name, a comma, the desired region. Example subject: Fred Flinstone, Bedrock Valley

2.      Attach the file to the email. The terrains from the terrains grid are usually already compressed using zip. If, however, you have a single .r32, .r64 or .raw uncompressed file, please compress it with zip else it will be too large to email successfully.

3.      Send your email.

4.      At, login, send a support ticket to alert out staff to process the sent texture.

There are restrictions: terrain requests must come from the owner of the region. The email must be sent using the email address associated with the avatar. This is required for security reasons.

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